The Quest for the Kai

The Quest for the Kai

Author's Notes

This was a longer, more connected narrative, than the previous book and I was experimenting with the style in this book. This used a narrator and was a homage to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams; the little digressions and stories allowed me to add even more jokes.

I tried to limit the use of existing characters in this book and invented my own, to add to Mrs Galactus and Mrs Darkseid. I loved writing the litrally-minded alien Tessticulatus and, his encounter with Bishop and Zemo, is the highlight of this series. The story does have a conclusion and was a fitting end to this intiial series of books.

By the end I had decided to create something outside the superhero fantasy world; although Colin Thorson still had some fantasy elements.

Here's a selection of illustrations from the book:
Bishop is kissed off!

HMS Pedantica reveals not very much

The Very Proud Baron Zemo

Surfer shows his annoyance

Bishop and the Baron have a disagreement

Everybody was surfin' surfin' USA!

The Very Shamefaced Baron Zemo

Sex & Spandex Book 2
Art by Werner Mueck

Published 1st Sept. 2012 on Amazon Kindle Digital Services.
Available for purchase from UK      and US

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Monty Python continues to bitch-slap Marvel in the ultimate mash-up. The Shiny Surfer, lumbered with Mrs' Galactus & Darkseid, Bishop and Baron Zemo, is trying to find the mysterious Kai. Join the bickering Questers on their epic Galactic journey to annoy other life-forms, molest domestic animals, destroy sacred beliefs and generally sow confusion and discord.
Who is the super villain with the constantly inflamed gonads? Will Mesdames G & D get back in time for tea? And why is Tessticulatus so annoyed?
All of these questions, and many others, may be answered in the final exciting instalment of Sex & Spandex: The Quest for the Kai.

Content Includes:
Chapter 1 The Prophesy of Pedantica
Wherein The Surfer meets the annoying Pedantica and learns of the Kai.

Chapter 2 - Phys Ed. @Mutie High
Wherein the Quest for the Kai begins.

Chapter 3 - Meeting Grotus Squaley
Wherein a vital clue is revealed.

Chapter 4 Dead stuck in D-Space
Wherein Celestial navigation becomes a problem.

Chapter 5 - The Testing of Tessticulatus
Wherein Gods are mocked and scared beliefs overturned.

Chapter 6 - An Alien Walks into a Bar
Wherein aliens are insulted, domestic animals molested and ill temper runs amok.

Chapter 7 - The Anvil of the Three Suns
Wherein our heroes resume their inept Quest.

Chapter 8 - Revelations: Real & Imagined
Wherein the Quest is completed but not as expected.