The Secret Lives of Superheroes

The Secret Lives of Superheroes

Author's Notes

As a comic fan it was only natural to use my favourite characters in humorous situations.

This was originally done as a couple of sketches and posted on an internet forum. I got positive feedback and ended up doing a whole series of them. I managed to link them together into a semi-coherent narrative although some of the sketches work well as stand alone.

I decided to publish these on the Amazon Kindle and got Werner to add some illustrations; and he did a great job. The cover features 2 new characters, Mrs Galactus and Mrs Darkseid, and were part inspired by the fabulous British comedian, the late Les Dawson, in one of his most famous creations; Cissie and Ada.

Here's a selection of illustrations from the book:
The Avengers try to Play Poker

The Wasp Reveals too Much

Doris Day Medley as Performed by Captain America

Somewhere in Space its Teatime

The Curse of the Trivial Wives

Darkseid comforts his Wife: "Be quiet you feeble minded woman!"

The Surfer is Kissed Off

Asgardian Pop Idol

A League of Avengers

Amazonian Love Fest

The Android with the Assuredly Amusing Anecdotes

Sex & Spandex Book 1
Art by Werner Mueck

Published 6 April, 2012 on Amazon Kindle Digital Services.
Available for purchase from UK    and US

Read an extract before you buy.

A Comic Parody of Cosmic Proportions.

Monty Python meets Marvel in the ultimate mash-up.

A series of sketches about superheroes and supervillains, their secret lives and their not-so secret desires. Featuring The Avengers in downtime and on stage, the Cosmic Nagging Housewives, the Silver Surfer searching for his board, the outrageous Sex Ed. @Mutie High and the infamous X-tasy Nightclub with the X-men living up to their name!

Content Includes:
Chapter 1 Avengers Distracted
Featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Spider-man and The Wasp.

Chapter 2 - At Home with the Galacti
Featuring Mr & Mrs Galactus and Mrs Darkseid.

Chapter 3 - The Shiny Surfer
Featuring Mrs' G and D and The Shiny Surfer.

Chapter 4 A Warm Frost in a Cool Summer
Featuring the Silver Surfer with Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine & Rogue.

Chapter 5 - Nocturnal X-ertions & X-cretions
Featuring the Silver Surfer with Emma Frost, Cyclops & Iceman.

Chapter 6 - Sex Ed. @ Mutie High
Featuring Bishop and some nave mutant teenagers.

Chapter 7 - The Avengers Annual Charity Show
Featuring the Avengers, X-men, assorted Hulks and their rivals Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman.

Chapter 8 - XXX-Mansion
Featuring Bishop, assorted super villains, a genome of various X-men, some wayward Avengers, a sulk of Mutant Teenagers, and other flotsam and jetsam.