Santa Flown

Santa Flown

Author's Notes

The Santa Clown books were originally planned as a trilogy and this is the third, & final, book in the series. It was exciting to return to these character and complete their journey.
There was a natural progression in all the characters and I made sure the focus of the book, a Mother's Love, was emphasized through a number of key characters; this was the heart of the book. The other theme I wanted to explore was the idea of moving on, and this was reflected, not only in a new location for Santa's Workshop, but also with important characters deciding their future.
A very satisfying writing experience, good funny characters and some decent action sequences all working to reach a conclusion I had written at the very start of these books.
Once you read it you will understand how everything ties up. So long Santa!

Santa Trilogy Book 3
Art by Ash Collins

The Greatest Gift is a Mother's Love.

Published 16th Dec. 2016 on Amazon Kindle Digital Services.
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Global warming has reached Santa's Workshop, the Arctic ice sheet is melting and our beloved gift-givers must relocate. Mr Drole, the troubled Head of Production, must juggle childcare duties with attempting to co-ordinate his idiosyncratic Enchanters, Chaucer & Saucer, in finding their new home.

The course of Elf Kushloo's love runs less than smoothly when he becomes involved in a love triangle with Santa Clown's daughter Kin and his best friend Mr Munga. The vexatious Enchanters are charged with identifying a suitable site and procure the services of three little Elves to find the best site. The first little Elfe has a wonderful time but fails miserably in the task, the second little Elfe uncovers a conspiracy but also fails and the third little Elf has a miserable time but manages to make a Glob fly.

As the deadline for evacuating the North Pole approaches misery is heaped upon misery as the evil plans of the dastardly Australian Toy Tycoon are revealed. It's all hands to the sleighs as Mrs Santa Clause and Kin must take part, with the two Santa brothers, in the Christmas Eve deliveries. Friendships are renewed whilst others are curtailed, motherhood is celebrated, painful memories revisited and rivals and lovers part ways in the final part of the trilogy.

The action packed, heart-pounding, foot-warming conclusion to the Santa trilogy as the Old Man flies off for the last time.