Sin & The Single Hijabi

Sin & The Single Hijabi

Author's Notes

I had wanted to write a light social book about Muslims girls for some time. The genesis for this was the TV show 'Sex & the City', I used that format to explore the different attitudes towards relationships for girls rasied in an orthodox muslim household.

I wanted to make Noorie my protagonist but Shaz started to dominate every scene she was in and she was such a tonic to write that I started giving her more scenes.

Originally I had more interactions/arguments between Noorie and her sister but the interaction didn't have the dramatic punch I wanted so I minimised their conflict.

I wanted to comment on the current Islamophobia but without preaching too heavily, disguise the message in the comic situations and reflections.

In the end it's a coming of age story which fulfills it's primary purpose, it was fun to write & I hope it's fun to read.

How to find a 'Halal Husband!'
Cover Art by Ash Collins

Published 29th June 2016 on Amazon Kindle Digital Services.
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The trial and tribulations of a group of pious Hijab-wearing students as they navigate the social norms of University life whilst trying to be good Muslims.

Noorie, aka Dr No, the headstrong medical student notorious for rejecting marriage proposals, juggles demanding studies with potential boyfriends and a far too pretty younger sister on the brink of becoming engaged.

Shazz, Noorie's loud-mouthed aggressive best friend, must negotiate a complicated love life with ever-vigilant brothers eager to handout a beating to anyone who disrespects them.

Their friends the designer-obsessed Furhat, the meek and giggly Rahat, and the strident Shagufta try their best to help but things just keep getting worse.

A chick-lit with a difference; not an expose but more of a cover-up.

"You're one boyfriend away from an honour killing!"