Santa Down

Santa Down

Author's Notes

The Santa Clown books were originally planned as a trilogy and this is the second book in the series. It was fun to return to these characters after a two year break and the emphasis was on developing these characters further within the overall frame of the theme 'A Loving Partner'. The focus of the story was more dispersed than previously, different characters moved centre-stage and then took a back seat whilst the action shifted focus. The locations varied between Santa Land, New York and the Australian Outback
Here's a selection of illustrations from the book:


Santa Trilogy Book 2
Art by Ash Collins

The Greatest Gift is a Loving Partner.

Published 6th Dec. 2014 on Amazon Kindle Digital Services.
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Once Upon a Christmas Eve there was a riot in Santa Land caused by severe industrial unrest. All the little Elves, all the large Globs and all the other various enchanted creatures, gathered together and tried to burn down the workshop. Voices were raised, fingers were pointed, and, on occasion, violent harm was done to both persons and property. By providence and good luck Santa Clown returned to bring harmony to Santa Land and normal service was resumed.

The dark deeds of Christmas Eve could not be forgotten, or forgiven, and now The Council of Santas sits in judgement on the guilty; Campion the instigator, his fellow mischief-maker Elfe Elsie and various other enchanted dischanted troublemakers.

The guilty are dutifully punished but order in Santa Land is illusory, Mr Drole is troubled by the erratic behaviour of his new wife Spenser; has he married a lunatic? Campion is cast out from his luxiourious apartment into an inhospitable environment where everyone ignores him; can he find a warm hearth in a cold climate? The class divide between Trolls and Elves leads to serious problems for Drole when Elf Alf demands to be promoted, what havoc will the mini-agitator create?

Santa Clown, the adventurous Elf Khushlo and the eccentric Mr Munga embark on a perilous mission to find the missing Mrs Santa Clown; is she real or just another bad joke? Troubles begin to brew into a toxic mixture as Christmas Eve approaches and Santa Claus can't be found; how will they deliver the presents and, more importantly, who?

The continuing adventures of Santas Claus and Clown and the troublesome inhabitants of Santa Land as they venture out into the world, will our festive-heroes survive their encounters?

Santa Clown