Biography and Contact Details for our Creators

AM Sardar

Asif M Sardar was born in the Punjab in Pakistan, emigrated to England as a small child and grew up in the Midlands in Birmingham.
He originally worked as a Medical Research Scientist before cross-training to work as an IT Consultant, initially with the British Ministry of Defence and then with a variety of IT companies; Fujitsu & Capita.
He enjoys reading a wide range of contemporary literature, is a keen student of cinema and his favourite directors are Howard Hawks, David Lean and Stanley Kubrick and his favourite actor is Clint Eastwood.
Asif enjoys a range of music, both Western & Asian, especially Mohammed Rafi, Mansoor Malangi, Mehdi Hassan, Meatloaf and Paul Simon. An avid football fan, he has supported and followed Leeds United Football Club all his life - "Marching on Together!"
His comic heroes are the Marx brothers, especially Groucho, the late Irish comic writer & performer Spike Milligan, and the British comedy group Monty Python. In addition he is also an avid comic book reader and collector with a deep and trivial knowledge of the Marvel universe; he has referenced these influences and interests in his writings.
His first book "Colin Thorson Teenage Superhero" was published in April 2012 and he has continued to write books in a variety of genres, usually with a humorous flavour

Ash Collins

Artist for Colin Thorson, Santa Clown, Cowboys & Indians and Santa Down.
Mr Ash Collins is an animator/illustrator from Merthyr Tydfil, who currently lives in London with his hard-working fiance, two kids, and a cat that thinks it's a dog. He still enjoys science-fiction and violent cartoons.
Mr Collins excellent talents are on display here Ash Collins and here Deviant Art.

Werner Mueck

Illustrator for Sex & Spandex 1 & 2.
Werner Mueck is a freelance artist and illustrator with many interests including science fiction & fantasy illustration, comic book & superhero illustration, cartooning, and portrait work.
Werner has a presence in the social network media at the following location Werner on Facebook and examples of his prodigious and prolific talents may be espied at Deviant Art.
If you desire to solicit him for his graphical illustrative endeavours he may be approached with caution and money.

Mark Harrison

Cover Artist for McCulloch's Last Stand
Mark Harrison is a British comic book artist and occasional writer. The bulk of his work has appeared in the comic 2000 AD.
Harrison's fully painted style is notable for its use of strong, dark colours and computer effects, though recent series The Ten-Seconders (written by Rob Williams) shows him moving towards lighter pencilling. You can see examples of his work here.

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