McCulloch's Last Stand

Colin Thorson

Author's Notes

This was originally started as a film script treatment, sometime ago, but abandoned after I struggled to complete it. I had written over a third of it and plotted out the rest, but I couldn't envision how to publish it. It was only after publishing Santa Clown on the Kindle, I reviewed the material and decided to re-do it as a novel.

Whilst it does feature familiar archetypes, there is enough originality to keep the reader engaged. Jed was a great strong character and his court room scenes were a pleasure to write. I had Clint Eastwood's voice in my head when I wrote Jed, so it was only natural to stick his image on the cover.

A big departure from my previous efforts; this was a challenging book to write, as I had to develop my characters without resorting to jokes and strive to capture the drama the story deserved. And not a superhero in sight!

Texas Trilogy Book 1
Art by Mark Harrison

Published 31st July 2013 on Amazon Kindle Digital Services.
Available for purchase from UK      and US

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"Don't mess with me boy; cos' I'm the original son of a bitch!"

Jed McCulloch, a mean disgraced retired Lawyer, is asked to assist in the defense of a teenage girl, Mary Beth Reagan, accused of murdering her new-born baby and facing the death penalty.

Bill Corsair, a corporate lawyer killing time in Abilene whilst his ageing mother slowly dies, reluctantly takes on the case and turns to an experienced criminal lawyer to help him prepare a defense. The ill-matched team is further hindered by the reluctance of the defendant to offer any defense or to reveal the true circumstances behind the pregnancy.

His assistant, the fiery and independent Ally May, is resentful of McCulloch; regarding him as a washed-up has-been with too many enemies in Abilene. And McCulloch certainly has many of those; from the dynamic Prosecuting Attorney Ben Davis, who was Jed's apprentice, to Judge Margaret Ramirez, the woman he deserted at the altar on their wedding day.

McCulloch must now face his past and his damaging actions whilst helping a reluctant lawyer construct a credible defense. All against the background of small town prejudices and an accused girl who remains silent.